Top sony vr games

Top sony vr games

Virtual reality glasses from Sony appeared under the roofs of many houses. Buy PS VR is now still attractive, as top sony vr games kits are regularly treated very attractive price reduction. Of all the currently available VR glasses, this is just designed for the PlayStation 4 console may be the best choice, especially when we already have the console itself. PlayStation VR glasses for they are the cheapest and easiest to prepare, for the first run that turns out to be the words in the case when we want as the fastest way to enjoy virtual reality.

Since the launch of PlayStation VR has been a long time, and the top sony vr games catalog of available production is constantly growing, now offering many excellent books of different genres. Among the available games on PS VR, however, low quality products, so the purchase is always worth a good think. In the table below, we offer games that support Sony glasses, which are definitely worth the interest.

Top 5 playstation vr games

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission – at this point, it’s basically the first game after which you should apply if you decide to buy PlayStation VR glasses. More importantly, even when you’re not fans of platformers, you’ll just fall in love with it. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, for it is a great example of how important is the idea of using virtual reality technology. Playing top 5 playstation vr games with cute robots in the title role perfectly uses the potential of PS VR glasses-both for the device itself, but also for the DualShock 4 controller.

No picture or record will give you the full pleasure to rescue the robots and help find the parts of their destroyed spaceship. It does not matter how old you are and what you like games – these are top 5 playstation vr games that everyone should play. This is not only the most successful platformer on PS VR, but probably also the best game on this platform.

Top 5 playstation vr gamesFirewall Zero Hour – if, despite everything-not on the way you with sony vr games 2017 and you like when the game increases the heart rate and make your hands sweat in a few seconds, and the adrenaline does not allow you to blink your eyes, be sure to get a Firewall Zero Hour. This is a tactical shooter set up on a network gameplay in which on small but well-designed maps, clash, two 4-seater teams. Each round is time limited, which makes players dynamic gameplay, and each time leads to a quick shootout.

The game supports DualShock 4, but the real fun begins only when we use The PlayStation VR Aim controller. It’s a plastic weapon simulation that makes it fun, the Firewall Zero Hour is even more real. The impression of communicating with a real gun-it’s just brilliant. The only pity is that sony vr games 2017 production does not provide a decent mode for one player.

Best ps4 vr games 2017

The Effect Of Tetris – although it is known that the forefather of video games is considered Pong, Yes, probably the first, globally popular game, of course, Tetris. Interestingly, the various varieties of Tetris on any possible platform sold in the world about half a billion pieces. Just speculation and addictive gameplay are back in incredible form, in the form of Tetris Effect.

Best ps4 vr games 2017The announcement of the game and the support of PlayStation VR glasses has caused a lot of controversy among best ps4 vr games 2017 players. What is the point of placing such a simple production in the world of virtual reality? Put on your glasses and check for yourself-the Tetris effect is an amazing, audiovisual balancing experience on the verge of psychedelic and trance. The sound effects, music, backgrounds and animations of the disappearing blocks themselves are impressive.

The gameplay itself does not detect the best ps4 vr games 2017 wheel again. The assumptions are simple and known to most players around the world. There are some modifiers of puzzle pieces, but they are rare and do not dominate during the game. It’s hard to describe how insane and unique the experience is, meeting Tetris Effect. Be sure to check it yourself.

Horror movie fans probably already have Resident Evil 7 behind them. Changing the formula of the series and moving 2017 psvr games to a first-person view was a bold step, but certainly a success. Experience in the game were really powerful, and the game did not allow to forget about itself for a long time. The first-person gameplay and production success also created a full-fledged version of the game available for PS VR. The production has been optimized really solid that the game looks great considering the limitations of the hardware glasses from Sony.

It is, however, a name for players with strong nerves. Even the first pass of the game-even in the „classic” way – will not make you fear less. For the undefined there is also a demo version called Kitchen, free download from the PS Store. It is worth checking out 2017 psvr games before you buy the full version of the game!

2017 psvr games

Fairpoint is a unique offer-the game is often sold with the top psvr games 2017 Aim controller. The device resembles a rifle, on the front of which is a glowing ball, transmitting data relating to the current position of our plastic weapons. What’s more, the Aim controller comes in all the buttons we know from the DualShock 4 controller. The game itself is in Fairpoint using the controller to Aim will appeal mostly to fans of shooting from the first person.

Reproduce the feeling of the game is really realistic, and for a long time remain in memory. However, the game itself can be a bit easier, so we recommend it mainly to advanced players. On the PS Store there are more and more titles that use the potential of the Aim controller. When the kit will do the signs earlier, the Firewall Zero Hour, buying this plastic weapons is a really good idea.

2017 psvr gamesIt’s time for the next game presented in the first person, although this time it will not be shooting. Fans of virtual racing, which in your library already has Gran Turismo Sport, and bought only PS VR glasses, should be satisfied-the game does not require the purchase of a separate version only for points.

We do not, however, get the opportunity to conduct full-fledged races. The main limitation of Gran Turismo Sport in the VR version is the fact that we can only race against one opponent. Manufacturers had to cut the contents of the game so as to obtain the necessary fluidity for the points. It is a pity that due to the number of cars during the race.

The game is worth reading as it provides a much better frame than other races on PS VR, Driveclub. At first fun, however, can be associated with subtle dizziness, which, however, after two or three races are irretrievably. You can play top psvr games 2017, of course, with the help of rain, but the best experience guarantees any steering wheel.

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