This example should be a warning to all those who can not reasonably give themselves time to the computer

Similarly, if not more dangerous, there is addiction to the Internet. The case of a mother who has been deprived of parental rights is known, because instead of having children, she spent time online chat rooms.

In order not to bother your eyes with constantly staring at the monitor, you should find yourself connected to the computer, but not interested in it, an example can be collecting articles from magazines about our favorite games. On the other hand, games motivate you to other, broader interests.

To sell a game you need a good idea and excellent performance

Strategic games encourage you to be interested in history, simulators and stage games – fiction technique and sport, of course, sport. On the other hand, games and interests related to them may, though not necessarily, negatively affect our school performance or work efficiency.

To sell a game you need a good idea and excellent performance

In the end, when we buy a game, we want to spend as much time as possible and often neglect all other activities. Worse grades and effects, drowsiness at school and work caused by „catching up” of the night – these are frequent effects of the abuse of computer games. Do not ignore them, avoid creating them.

It is difficult for me to sum up my statement. Computer games have good and bad sides, as well as almost everything that a man enjoys. They are a threat because they can become addicted. Graphics, music and other game materials have already reached the level of art, and to broaden their horizons, we can not avoid art.

To sell a game you need a good idea and excellent performance. Computer games are and will be an inseparable part of modern culture, whether we like it or not. It is only up to us to decide how we will „dose” them and whether they will do us harm, whether they only give us pleasure or maybe even prove to be useful.

Interdisciplinary is the most important

How do computer games affect intellectual abilities?

What does neurocognitive science do? Radiographers of Jedynka talk about brain research and how computer games affect intellectual ability. – Neurocognitive science or neuroscience is the science of the brain. We try to combine biological, chemical, genetic or psychological knowledge and thus explain human behavior.

Interdisciplinary is the most important

Find areas in the brain that are involved in certain behaviors – says Aleksandra Kołodziej from the Neuroscience Circle at the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw. Together with her colleagues, she organized yet another, because the ninth day of the brain at this university.

– Interdisciplinary is the most important. In the Circle of Neuroscience, we try to meet and discuss topics that we find interesting at least once a week. Once a month, an expert visits us, and often students themselves. Then discussions take place – he reports.

Neurobiology of morality is the specialty of the second member of the Neuroscience Section, Anna Kozak. – The subject of morality is interesting in itself, and if we want to capture it in its biological basis, it is even more intriguing – says the young researcher.

Do games cause aggression? 

– Scientists have been dealing with this problem for years. For me, the most interesting conclusion is that no region of the brain specializes in moral behaviors, and the same areas can be responsible for what is moral and for what is immoral.

The third guest of Jedynka, Maciej Skorko from the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, during the Day of the Brain talked about the influence of computer games on intellectual abilities. In 2003, Nature published the results of one of the first studies on the influence of playing computer games on perceptual abilities.

Do games cause aggression? 

It turned out that while playing we learn not only the skills necessary to perform the tasks imposed by them (eg, aiming, orientation in space), but also we practice more basic aspects of our everyday functioning. – Computer games have long been widening. The elders also play, not only children. Half of the players are people between 25-45 years old – says Skorko.

Do games cause aggression? – There are studies that confirm this, but it is worth recalling that such an impact is short-lived and lasts up to about 30 minutes after the end of the game – the Jedynka’s guest calms down. Players can improve the elemental capabilities of the mind for this: for example, they have an extended field of vision, most of the ability to quickly perceive things that others will escape.

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