Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Progressing Well

Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Progressing Well

Designer Tetsuya Nomura from Square Enix tried to reassure fans, assuring that, despite the lack of Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3, the game is in production. The game is still in production, but quite a lot more in it wait.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake news – what’s the latest?

In this year’s edition of E3 was full of interesting shows and surprises. However, there were no disappointments. One of the main was the absence of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake, that is, a new version of the classic jRPG. This, combined with the silence that has reigned around this project for a long time, is causing concern among fans. Their fears decided to dispel the designer Tetsuya Nomura from the company Square Enix. In a comment for the Verge website, he assured that the work on the title continues.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake news – what’s the latest?Moreover, he stressed that the game has long gone beyond the conceptual phase and currently takes the real production of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is important information because a year ago changed the Builder. It is worth noting that Nomura next to this project is also engaged in Kingdom Hearts III and both names appear in parallel. Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2015-trailer the First film of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake shown at E3 2015.

It is hardly surprising the impatience of fans, because the Final Fantasy VII Remake waiting for three years. Production was announced during E3 2015. A year later, we learned that the project will be divided into several games, and in 2017 we received only two Marne screenshots. It is quite natural, therefore, that some players began to suspect that something might be wrong. Kingdom Hearts III will be released next January.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date – When is it coming out?

We hope that after the completion of this game, work on Final Fantasy VII Remake will gain momentum. The last thing the fans want is a repeat of the Final Fantasy XV situation. This project was announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In subsequent years, production has undergone a significant metamorphosis, jumped to a new generation of consoles and changed the name. All this made the sale ten years after the disclosure. We expect that in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake the development cycle will not be so lumpy.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date – When is it coming out?Created a few years, the game Final Fantasy VII Remake replaced the developer. So far, the participating Studio is mainly CyberConnect2, but Square Enix has decided to take matters into their own hands. A remake of the cult jRPG game since 1997; independent developers have been working on it so far, including mostly CyberConnect2; Square Enix has taken over production nowTetsuya Nomura provides a brief update on development – the company Square Enix has taken up the work on wyczekiwaną game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Until now, when the announcement in 2015 production mocked Studio CyberConnect2, which you probably associated with a series of fights Naruto. Naoki Hamaguchi, who oversaw the deweloping Mobius Final Fantasy, reported, however, that he took over the reins in the case of the remake of the seven, over which the internal Studio Square Enix is working. It is explained that in this way the company wants to control all aspects of production to ensure its high enough quality.

Hard to say what CyberConnect2 has not coped with the task, or this was just the contract and the task was to create the Foundation on which now, Square Enix will put the following elements of the puzzle. However, whatever the expectations for this title are huge, fans have been demanding it for years, so it’s no surprise that the Japanese developer doesn’t want to let it down.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay – Has it changed?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay – Has it changed?Game Final Fantasy VII Remake entered a new stage of production. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this change will affect the release date. The publisher has not yet betrayed a specific date, although he says that the project is expected to debut this year. It’s not really a „project”, but its first episode, as the title will be split into several episodes due to its huge size. While Square Enix’s constant silence suggests that Final Fantasy VII Remake wait longer than we anticipated, this take matters into its own hands, could ultimately speed up production.

Although we still don’t have much information on Final Fantasy VII Remake, the trailer leaked at the Square Enix conference, as part of the PlayStation Experience event seems to indicate that the updated seven probably won’t be any worse off than the iconic original. A little less delight fans of the latest news given in the press release. As Square Enix reported, the FFVII remake will be released in several episodes, and each one has to offer „its own unique experience.”

No details are specified (for example, the number of episodes), as well as to justify such a decision, which, on the one hand, can be annoying, but on the other, may lead to the fact that the world of the seven and her characters, we will return a little earlier than it would be in the case of a question entirely in one breath.

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