Nintendo Wii Console Review

Nintendo Wii Console Review

In the process of the gaming industry. Over 100 million copies sold worldwide. Introducing a new way of gameplay under our straws. Innovation and progressiveness. This is what left behind the Nintendo Wii, which ceases to be manufactured.

Nintendo Wii premiere

Nintendo Wii premiereNintendo Wii is a product, non-standard, original and one of a kind. You can not be a fan of the Japanese with The big n. they can be criticized for the opportunity on the spot, and even the deliberate removal, given the visual layer of the gameplay. You can treat them with leniency by thinking of their fixed product as „unworthy” competitor title for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. This latter, however, justly, in my opinion. Yes, exotic from our point of view machines like the Wii, you can not digest, hate or just have it in full respect. To the Japanese, however, you can’t deny one thing – the huge international success that has forever changed the entertainment industry. Ideas Nintendo today copies Microsoft and Sony, while the Great N clearly reminded that not for the graphics and bells and whistles here we are talking. That so? About the gameplay, in a clean, satisfactory condition.

Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne-Wii premiere is the most revealing in the history of consoles
Even before its premiere, the Wii had a huge number of critics. They mainly focused on the technical capabilities of the console, which put it far beyond the current already on the Xbox 360 market. The first performances on the Wii were much closer to on the PlayStation 2. You could write that the Nintendo console was so up to seven, still-functioning generation of hardware, as a fist to the nose. However, the Japanese were confident in their vision, standing firmly on their own. Nintendo knew from the start what their potential consumer group looked like. This, defined by smart Asians, was significantly wider than players associated with brands such as PlayStation or SEGA. Wii should be a product for everyone – hardkorowego player, his Sunday counterpart, family, mom with a child, an elderly couple or those who want to pass the free time in a more active form.

Nintendo Wii game

The temptation is that the Wii is not even a console in the traditional sense. Product Nintendo was not in the game. He served for entertainment. Delivered pleasure, regardless of age, gender, education or belonging to the community of players. It was a gift torn from his hands during the holiday season. It was an instrument of pleasure during events, as well as a channel through which different generations could sit on the same receiver, spending free time together. Accessibility, fun, innovation-that’s how you define the Wii and that’s the essence of the power that lies dormant in this equipment.

He felt the force of each, during the premiere of the Wii, which clogged the mouth of all critics. The console set a record for the best-selling gaming equipment in the UK. Within one week 600 thousand consoles were sold in the USA. In the land of the rising sun Wii after only two days to sell almost 400 thousand copies, resulting in a shortage on store shelves. Another record fell on the European market, secured 325 thousand sold boxes with the game.

Nintendo Wii gameEveryone was shocked. Wii Sports, the Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Play were at the top of the sales lists, while the Wii became a desirable and incredibly sexy product. Everyone wanted to have a Nintendo console at home, although for months before the release of the device on a working one called „Revolution” there was nothing to indicate this. Great N a few years later, to the beginning of 2012 to stand for the best-selling console of the current generation. How is that Nintendo Wii Console Review even possible?

Power isn’t everything to the console. Too many powerful machines cannot exist side by side. It’s like having only hungry, predatory and aggressive dinosaurs under the roof. These considerable to be at war with each other and to promote own death. It is on this paper that the seventh generation of the Xbox 360 and The PlayStation 3 belonged to Shigeru, the seventh generation, can resist the strategy of the Big n. Innovative, simple, accessible and closed direct confrontation. The combination of revolutionary controllers along with the low price of the console itself gave the Japanese not only success for their product, but also the power that changed the game industry forever.

Wii Remote and Nunchuk offered players unprecedented opportunities. The graphical flaws were completely covered with a whole new form of fun that made the player a controller himself. The swings of the pad in front of the screen turned out to be great entertainment despite dozens of ruined TVs. On so much good that Sony and Microsoft have started to copy Big N solutions to their own ecosystems, in the form of Move sticks and Kinect controller. When the competition market made up for the flaws in its accessories, Nintendo went even further by offering devices like a heart rate meter or an exercise Mat. Bored by existing solutions, players, sports enthusiasts and new technology enthusiasts all wanted to test the capabilities behind the Wii and had the perfect opportunity to do so, at the expense of the very attractive price of the equipment.

Old man Wii changed everything

Old man Wii changed everythingBesides him, the Wii offered another very important thing that we often forget. She was her” magic ” Nintendo and titles associated with the Japanese giant. Zelda, Mario, Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing or Pokemon, although not everyone likes this type of productions, they have a real army of loyal fans. Those, in turn, demonstrate extremely high loyalty to the Japanese and their products. Nintendo keeps a few of its great brands in check and isn’t going to share them with anyone who doesn’t purchase their console. An effective tactic that is one of the most important, if not the most important, driving force behind a weak Wii u sale.

Just walked in, cheated and took a ride. Ridiculing a „revolution” that the revolution had nothing in common, have shown that power Napping only in the chart. Wii it reminded players what’s really important-fun. All other questions are in relation to it secondary. The Nintendo console has had a huge impact on the market, which we see especially today, in the form of a mandatory Kinect That will be included with the Xbox one.

Despite this, the production of equipment was simply stopped without fail. Reported the same Nintendo, by means of the Japanese site. The mysterious inscription „production ended” is a reason for sadness? From the point of view of the Polish player, of course not!

Despite the lack of Wii on production tapes, the tiny Nintendo console is still a lot more alive than the unpopular and struggling with a huge rejection of the Wii U. the Grand N hardware you can purchase is less than 300 PLN, still not out of the box. Combined with a giant game library and the durability of the machine, due to its unique entertainment patent, the Wii is still a very attractive commodity. Now, maybe even more than at the time of its launch, which took place 7 years ago. I just ordered my copy at a great price. Don’t worry, old man, our adventure is just beginning.

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