How to Fix Diablo 2 Lags in Windows 8, 10

How to Fix Diablo 2 Lags in Windows 8, 10

Many of us remember how the hit was the second part of „imp”. In the production of Blizzard at the time played millions, as in addition to the „Lord of destruction”. And to this day servers on this is quite a lot, unfortunately, I regret to say that the impression on them from all sorts of spambots that effectively spoil the game. However, if you are not online, you can always crop yourself into an album and remember the good old days.

Is there anything you can do about it?

Many players believe that Diablo III does not deserve the title of „Diablo” because of the far greatly simplified. that often spoil the fun of hardkorom. Sophisticated styling strategy distribution of attribute points of a character, like skills, for some the main feature of this release is Diablo III was simplified to the limit, and she took pleasure from the combination of „how to be here to highlight the point”.

So we tend to play the good old classics sometimes. We have a new computer with a multi-core processor, a modern graphics card, gigabytes of RAM, Windows 8 or 8.1, and what? And critically because Diablo II „cuts” worse than Crysis 3 „wymaksowany” to the limit.

Is there anything you can do about it?In the beginning I will add that the problem described above is most often applied to Windows 8 and 8.1, hence the name, and not the other. Came across, however, voices claiming that allegedly on Windows 7 similar problems took place, but they appear less often, than on Windows 8. If in Windows 7 it is most often simple to install a new patch, run the game as an administrator, or install compatibility with Windows XP, then these tricks do not pass the exam at all and you need to look for other solutions. However, if all this did not work out, you can try the method on the „seven”, which I describe below. Not would prevent, and can help.

I want to note that the default game set the resolution to 800×600 and my tutorial does not change in any way. It only allows for proper game operation on Windows 8/8.1, not enhance, but resolution. There are some mods / hacks that give access to higher chapters, however, since higher resolution = more you see on the screen, there is a risk that while playing on we’ll get a ban, and it’s better to avoid it. My tutorial does not interfere directly with the game files, and I have not heard of anyone getting banned using this method. I checked it myself it’s okay.

First of all…

First of all...Effective methods of solving this problem, which I know, there are two. The first of them is to start the game in windowed mode, that is, for a shortcut on the desktop, you need to add „-in”in the command line. This will launch the game in a window, but still at 800×600 resolution (i.e. this window will have that resolution). Playing this way on a Full HD monitor can be relatively awkward (the window is relatively small), so I don’t necessarily support it if you don’t mind.

The second method – while it can be called clou this record-a little more complicated, but for that you can play full screen without lag and jamming.

First of all you need to buy in Diablo II (with possible additions) in the latest version, ie 1.13. If we have some old boxed version like 1.00, there is a risk that it did not run at all, or will need to be strongly nakombinować. So if we have an older version, I suggest creating an account on and there activate our game out of the box, that is, just take it to your account/enter the key. Then we will be able to download from the servers the game’s version is probably 1.12, right away, given the later operating systems.

However, the problem on Windows 8 is still there, but at least you can have this version run without problems. And this is the version that this tutorial focuses on, because it is the least problematic. After installation, we will make sure that we have an Internet connection and run the game. Press the main menu button „” and wait for the game to update to the latest possible version. Then we can create a new game, single/multi and check „how it works”. There is a chance that there will be no need for any changes, as the game can work without problems „arrow”. If on nvidia and AMD cards problems are quite common, the situation with Intel graphics cards, it is not completely clear to me, perhaps you can play them without any complications.

To give the game some fluency, we need to apply a trick that will make us run the game using something like the 3Dfx glide emulator. Probably „dinosaurs” of this portal know what it is 3dfx (already tear in an eye to give;)), and youth, I mean Wiki. Occurs here, „recovery” of 3dfx technology by OpenGL. So, things.

Put on page: and download the latest version of Glide Wrapper. Today it is 1.4 e. Direct link to the file here. We unpack somewhere our archive (using the built-in archiver or something else-personally recommend free 7-zip), then in the extracted archive we find the file glide3x.dll ahhh! In the readme of the author just one file to copy or the root folder with the game, or, for C:\Windows\System. Personally I would advise to copy it in both in / in folders and additionally even before C:\Windows\System32 (this is a more natural place for NT series Windows to store these types of files.) Well, at least I did (for sure :P) and it works for me.

Well, fight

Well, fightThen go to the root folder with Diablo II and find the file D2VidTst.exe. Click on it with the right mouse button and select „Properties”. In the window that opens, select the „Compatibility” tab, and at the bottom click on the „Change settings for all users”button. Then the UAC prompt can pop up if we have the UAC set to the maximum level of protection (which I recommend doing because it can really save your ass from all the nastiness) that we confirm. Shows us these Windows:

Note ” Run the program in compatibility mode with: „and select” Windows XP (with p package) from the list…”and then we can speculate what Updates are going on, because nothing is impossible to verify (Bravo Microsoft! – the first time I see such a babola in the system of this company), but the main thing that works: P Confirm everything, we close.

We right-click on the file again and choose „run as administrator”. For a moment, the monitor will flash, you will see several times the desktop in alarmingly low resolution, but without fear-this is normal. After some time, everything will return to normal and a window with a choice of graphics mode will appear. It is in this window that you must select the 3Dfx Glide mode and confirm.

That’s all she wrote. Since then, the game should run at 60fps non-stop, without any slowdowns. It may happen that in the graphics settings in the game panel „Gamma” will be set to the maximum right. Then just make the corrections manually. The default settings look like this. If we found that, despite our efforts, Diablo II behaves strangely, such as freezes or POPs into the system, there is a possibility that the game „does not like” our multi-core processor. Then I suggest applying the applet I described some time ago here.

If you would like to delete, sometime Glide Wrapper, after unpacking the folder with it, we find and run the glide-init file.exe, then select the option „std / export” and click „+remove registry-entries”. Then delete the file glide3x.dll of the locations in which it is already available, and which were described above. Run the D2VidTst program again.exe in admin mode, still with in/in settings and this time choose a different graphics mode.

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