Buy online

Online shopping can be easy. You can get access to a wider range of goods than where you live, get goods sent home, and the price may be lower than in stores. But to make the Ansa purchase of the Internet as safe as possible, several things should be considered.

think about it:

  • Always be suspicious of extremely cheap offers and „wonderful products”.
  • Check the company you intend to shop with.
  • Always read the terms of purchase or contract terms before buying anything from the company.
  • Try to get the company’s customer service.
  • Check the total price, delivery conditions and payment terms.
  • Check whether you have the right to withdraw from the contract if you are shopping outside the EU.
  • Check the company
  • Check the company you intend to shop with. Make sure there are reliable contact details of the company and read on the Internet what others think about the company.

On the website of the Tax Office you can check whether the company has been approved for F-tax if it is registered as a VAT payer and if it is registered as an employer.Read the terms of the contract.Always read the terms of purchase or contract terms before buying anything from the company.

Buy online

Search for security signs. Look for trust marks on your site. It can be a symbol or a sign that indicates that the site is connected to a specific labeling system and therefore must meet certain rules.

It should be remembered that there are different labels that involve different consumer protection. That is why it is important to check what a particular label means. Try clicking the symbol to see if this leads to additional information. Examples of security signs are „Safe e-commerce” and „Certified e-commerce”.

Try to call the company’s customer service. Try to get the company’s customer service. Customer service should be easy to use and customer service information should be clear.

  • Check the total price
  • Check what the total price will be. Is postage included, handling fee and customs fees?

Check delivery time and payment conditions
Find out how long it takes to get a product. Also check how you can pay. Remember that if you pay in advance, you will lose the best means of pressure as a consumer – stop payment for late delivery.

To pay for internet purchases. Watch out for your credit card details. Just leave your credit card number if you want to buy something. Do not send the card number by e-mail.

Pay by credit card

If you decide to pay by credit card or purchase an invoice, you will receive additional protection through the purchase covered by the law on consumer credit. You can then ask the lender, ie the Issuer of the card (bank) or the company from which you received the invoice, requesting repayment if, for example, the goods are not delivered within the agreed time.

Check whether you have the right to withdraw from the contract if you are shopping outside the EU
When buying online in the EU, you always have 14 days to withdraw from the contract, but if you are shopping in a company outside of the EU, other rules may apply. Therefore, pay special attention when shopping online outside the EU.

Pay by credit cardCheck what costs are related if you regret, for example, if you have to pay for return shipping.

  • Check how the company handles personal data
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s guidelines on how to process personal data before sending information.

Make sure that the product can be used. Read about the product you are buying in Sweden and check if any warranty applies in Sweden. Print and save information.

You have a three-year warranty

The rights you have in regular stores also apply online. You always have a three-year warranty. This means that if it turns out that something is wrong with what you have bought, you have three years to repair it, get a new one or get it back.

When you advertise instead of buying new ones, you save money and you can contribute to a better environment. Companies have a chance to correct mistakes and get one shot in the right direction to produce and sell better goods and services.

Save all receipts, order confirmations, transfers and the like to show that you have purchased the product and when you made the purchase. If you send back the package, you can get the package number. With a number, you can track the package if it gets lost.

Bad price in the online store

If you purchased the item in the online store and received the confirmation of purchase, you can apply for the right to purchase the product at the price, but only as long as it is not obvious that the price is incorrect and you have acted in the so-called „bad faith”. Therefore, the online store is not bound by the order if the buyer has realized or should have known that the price is too low.

If you and the shop do not agree that the price was obviously incorrect, you can contact the Public Advisory Board, ARN, to notify.

How to buy in order not to regret? Cheap online stores!

How to buy in order not to regret? Cheap online stores!Shopping online is hard to resist – the network can catch the true pearls! Often they are not available in stores, and their prices are significantly reduced. This is not the only advantage of buying clothes over the Internet-instead of spending time on long, tedious marathons in a crowded shopping gallery, we order selected products sitting in a comfortable chair, with a laptop on his lap. We avoid mile-long queues at the box office, close fitting and Intrusive sellers. Same benefits? So, if we buy with head! We have collected some useful tips, thanks to which Your purchases will be amazed, and You will save time and money!

The same clothes in online stores are usually a little cheaper than in stationary.

Before ordering, however, check if the specified price can not be reduced a little more. How? Many stores offer special discount codes that allow you to reduce the cost of a few, and sometimes a few dozen gold. In some cases, to get the code, it is enough to subscribe to the newsletter, in others you will have to spend some time searching for it on the network. In search of discount codes, visit the online store page, online forums, as well as the site aggregate codes and promotions from various stores. Some offer discount codes only available in the mobile app, which is free to download on your smartphone or tablet.

Buying clothes over the Internet you will not be able to try them, so check the size tables carefully. Measure and record your size – do not be guided only by the manufacturer indicated rozmiarówką (which is sometimes underestimated or overstated) and the size that you wear most often. Assuming a size table and your own, real size, you increase your chances of buying clothes that will fit perfectly, and do not have to return them. Here it is: return. You have the full right to return the clothes purchased via the Internet without explanation within 14 days. This rule applies, however, only to products purchased from companies, not individuals – if you make purchases at an auction, be sure to pay attention to this. Lots of shops, increases the time during which you can return (even up to 100 days!) and bears its value.

Choosing clothes in online stores, carefully read the description and check the composition.

At a distance, go to the photos of things that you are going to buy – what is on a slim model is perfect, you can look very different. If you do not buy a ready-made set, think about whether you can already choose a thing for her to wear – a beautiful dress, which will require the purchase of new shoes, he and bags, it is not worth doing. Be picky and buy those things you really want to wear. On here and now, not for the future and great deals – you deserve to look great, daily, not off holiday!

A few years ago, trade – in Poland played a small role. Now the e-Commerce Market has the fastest growth dynamics in all countries of the European Union. According to the PBI (Polish Internet Research), in 2010 the share of e-Commerce in retail trade was 2.5 percent. Two years later, the rate reached 4.7 per cent. Currently, the share of e-Commerce in GDP is about 6 % . For comparison, in the G7 and BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) this percentage ranges from 0.8 to 6.3 percent. Choosing clothes in online stores, carefully read the description and check the composition.

According to Gemius, Polish Internet users love online shopping-up to 78% of them regularly visit e-Commerce sites: online stores, auctions, price comparison sites, etc. Compared to other Central and Eastern European countries, 72% of Internet users shop online in Hungary, 60% in the Czech Republic and 52% in Slovakia . These data leave no doubt that e-Commerce in Russia is developing rapidly. And this is not the limit – market experts predict that the boom in e-Commerce is yet to come. This makes Poland an attractive market for foreign investors.

Nintendo Wii Console Review

In the process of the gaming industry. Over 100 million copies sold worldwide. Introducing a new way of gameplay under our straws. Innovation and progressiveness. This is what left behind the Nintendo Wii, which ceases to be manufactured.

Nintendo Wii premiere

Nintendo Wii premiereNintendo Wii is a product, non-standard, original and one of a kind. You can not be a fan of the Japanese with The big n. they can be criticized for the opportunity on the spot, and even the deliberate removal, given the visual layer of the gameplay. You can treat them with leniency by thinking of their fixed product as „unworthy” competitor title for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. This latter, however, justly, in my opinion. Yes, exotic from our point of view machines like the Wii, you can not digest, hate or just have it in full respect. To the Japanese, however, you can’t deny one thing – the huge international success that has forever changed the entertainment industry. Ideas Nintendo today copies Microsoft and Sony, while the Great N clearly reminded that not for the graphics and bells and whistles here we are talking. That so? About the gameplay, in a clean, satisfactory condition.

Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne-Wii premiere is the most revealing in the history of consoles
Even before its premiere, the Wii had a huge number of critics. They mainly focused on the technical capabilities of the console, which put it far beyond the current already on the Xbox 360 market. The first performances on the Wii were much closer to on the PlayStation 2. You could write that the Nintendo console was so up to seven, still-functioning generation of hardware, as a fist to the nose. However, the Japanese were confident in their vision, standing firmly on their own. Nintendo knew from the start what their potential consumer group looked like. This, defined by smart Asians, was significantly wider than players associated with brands such as PlayStation or SEGA. Wii should be a product for everyone – hardkorowego player, his Sunday counterpart, family, mom with a child, an elderly couple or those who want to pass the free time in a more active form.

Nintendo Wii game

The temptation is that the Wii is not even a console in the traditional sense. Product Nintendo was not in the game. He served for entertainment. Delivered pleasure, regardless of age, gender, education or belonging to the community of players. It was a gift torn from his hands during the holiday season. It was an instrument of pleasure during events, as well as a channel through which different generations could sit on the same receiver, spending free time together. Accessibility, fun, innovation-that’s how you define the Wii and that’s the essence of the power that lies dormant in this equipment.

He felt the force of each, during the premiere of the Wii, which clogged the mouth of all critics. The console set a record for the best-selling gaming equipment in the UK. Within one week 600 thousand consoles were sold in the USA. In the land of the rising sun Wii after only two days to sell almost 400 thousand copies, resulting in a shortage on store shelves. Another record fell on the European market, secured 325 thousand sold boxes with the game.

Nintendo Wii gameEveryone was shocked. Wii Sports, the Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Play were at the top of the sales lists, while the Wii became a desirable and incredibly sexy product. Everyone wanted to have a Nintendo console at home, although for months before the release of the device on a working one called „Revolution” there was nothing to indicate this. Great N a few years later, to the beginning of 2012 to stand for the best-selling console of the current generation. How is that Nintendo Wii Console Review even possible?

Power isn’t everything to the console. Too many powerful machines cannot exist side by side. It’s like having only hungry, predatory and aggressive dinosaurs under the roof. These considerable to be at war with each other and to promote own death. It is on this paper that the seventh generation of the Xbox 360 and The PlayStation 3 belonged to Shigeru, the seventh generation, can resist the strategy of the Big n. Innovative, simple, accessible and closed direct confrontation. The combination of revolutionary controllers along with the low price of the console itself gave the Japanese not only success for their product, but also the power that changed the game industry forever.

Wii Remote and Nunchuk offered players unprecedented opportunities. The graphical flaws were completely covered with a whole new form of fun that made the player a controller himself. The swings of the pad in front of the screen turned out to be great entertainment despite dozens of ruined TVs. On so much good that Sony and Microsoft have started to copy Big N solutions to their own ecosystems, in the form of Move sticks and Kinect controller. When the competition market made up for the flaws in its accessories, Nintendo went even further by offering devices like a heart rate meter or an exercise Mat. Bored by existing solutions, players, sports enthusiasts and new technology enthusiasts all wanted to test the capabilities behind the Wii and had the perfect opportunity to do so, at the expense of the very attractive price of the equipment.

Old man Wii changed everything

Old man Wii changed everythingBesides him, the Wii offered another very important thing that we often forget. She was her” magic ” Nintendo and titles associated with the Japanese giant. Zelda, Mario, Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing or Pokemon, although not everyone likes this type of productions, they have a real army of loyal fans. Those, in turn, demonstrate extremely high loyalty to the Japanese and their products. Nintendo keeps a few of its great brands in check and isn’t going to share them with anyone who doesn’t purchase their console. An effective tactic that is one of the most important, if not the most important, driving force behind a weak Wii u sale.

Just walked in, cheated and took a ride. Ridiculing a „revolution” that the revolution had nothing in common, have shown that power Napping only in the chart. Wii it reminded players what’s really important-fun. All other questions are in relation to it secondary. The Nintendo console has had a huge impact on the market, which we see especially today, in the form of a mandatory Kinect That will be included with the Xbox one.

Despite this, the production of equipment was simply stopped without fail. Reported the same Nintendo, by means of the Japanese site. The mysterious inscription „production ended” is a reason for sadness? From the point of view of the Polish player, of course not!

Despite the lack of Wii on production tapes, the tiny Nintendo console is still a lot more alive than the unpopular and struggling with a huge rejection of the Wii U. the Grand N hardware you can purchase is less than 300 PLN, still not out of the box. Combined with a giant game library and the durability of the machine, due to its unique entertainment patent, the Wii is still a very attractive commodity. Now, maybe even more than at the time of its launch, which took place 7 years ago. I just ordered my copy at a great price. Don’t worry, old man, our adventure is just beginning.

The History of PlayStation

When in the year 1994-the first PlayStation appeared in Japan, nothing was the same. Sony’s virgin leap into the still unknown electronic entertainment industry is a leap from a great height, and yet unpredictable and very risky. To whom do we owe the success of the PlayStation brand? And how was history made?

An agreement with Nintendo

An agreement with Nintendo„Sharak”, as is usually said about the first in achieving Sony console, without a shadow of the slightest doubt contributed to the popularization of video consoles in our country, instilling many young people love this form of entertainment. However, before the first PlayStation Came on the market, Sony was not particularly interested in our industry. True, in the early 80’s the Japanese tried to explore the soil, getting involved in the production of one of the models of home computers series MSX, however, it is only a novel with Nintendo and pushed our brothers skośnookich to the activities to be one of the biggest coups in the history of video consoles.

The coup, which would not be possible if not for the character of Ken Kutaragi, also called, quite justly, the father of PlayStation. Our today’s hero was born in Tokyo in 1950, where he lived for a long time with his family, who moved to the capital of Japan to create his own printing press company. Despite the fact that Ken very quickly learned the profession, dying of cancer father advised him not to continue the ” family tradition „and tried to start his own business:” this company will cease to exist with me. You have to think about the future and do what you really want.”

Kutaragi from youthful years was fond of electronics (spent a thousand dollars on the first, electronic calculator!), when buying any new equipment, which appeared on the market and rummage for hours in his guts. Nurtured by years of passion led him to Sony in 1975, where he quickly gained great respect among his employers, becoming one of the most talented engineers of the Japanese giant. A bright moment for future events was a visit to Ken at the factory Sony, located in the city of Atsugi.

What did the future Creator of PlayStation see there? A computer – generated image of a person’s face that could be manipulated with a mouse. We are talking about a computer graphics system called g Control, after acquaintance with which the deliberate Kutaragiego was born a new dream-what would have happened if to apply this technology in video game consoles? „The G system was more advanced than modern graphics systems. The fact that something like this existed really made a huge impression on me. I thought it would be great if it could help to improve such a Famicoma (NES),” recalls Ken.

The Father Of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi

The Father Of PlayStation Ken KutaragiWhy the Famicom? „I’ve been testing consoles for business benefits. I put in front of my son Sony MSX and Famicoma and then I watch him waiting for what he will do. Chose Famicoma (…) Personal computers created wisepixel images, but the Famicom could produce images the size of a single pixel. I thought it was just amazing, ” Kutaragi explains. The next, very important step was the development of Sony’s 2-inch floppy disk, which drew Ken’s attention to digital technology. ”

At Sony, every new solution that brought in more than 10 billion yen was considered a great success. I wanted to join the company, which should become the main source of income of the Corporation in the future,” explains. When in the mid-80s, Nintendo announced the release of Family Computer Disk System, nozzles for Famicoma performing the function of external drive, the vision of The History of PlayStation Ken began to materialize. But first he grabbed his head, wondering what was the reason for entering the market with a technologically obsolete product.

No matter how he pondered, to understand this policy simply did not go. „Technologically, it was an anachronistic product. The disk rotates at a speed of 300 revolutions per minute, had a capacity of only 64 kilobytes and did not provide free access. Dwucalowa drive that we have developed, allows the read speed of 3600 rpm and could accommodate up to 1 megabyte of data” – wypomina Ken, which translated itself making it a „sell”, error, Nintendo, the existence of technologies developed by Sony. What should I do now? Return włodarzy Nintendo to the right path that Ken, without hesitation decided to take.

Gave him a reason to consider himself only a question of how to make cooperation with such a giant as Sony, following the absolute independence of Nintendo? It started innocently because of the supply of specialized sound chips for Famicoma, however further action is the way through the suffering and struggle with the limited thinking of corporate cones. „I wanted to work with Nintendo because I thought gaming consoles would be the most popular source of entertainment for home appliances in the future. But in Sony, no one then agreed with me,” recalls with sadness Ken. What was the reason for this erase of the reluctance of video games? Sony’s bosses didn’t take this segment of the market too seriously, looking at consoles like toys for children, an unworthy interest in an electronics industry tycoon like Sony.

The prototype of console, formed by Sony and Nintendo, called colloquially the SNES-CD

The prototype of console, formed by Sony and Nintendo, called colloquially the SNES-CDSo we got to the end of the 80s. In the market of video games competed with each other mainly by two companies: Nintendo and Sega. As well as the fact that this second started trampling Ninny on the heels, planning to enter the market with a special CD Genesisa nozzle, the heads of the Big N were not going to sit and wait. Kutaragi had finally reached their and after several meetings with representatives of Nintendo, he was able to establish the conditions of large-scale cooperation.

We are talking about the Super Disc (hereinafter also SNES-CD), the console, which was originally supposed to be equipped as a CD-ROM drive, as well as a slot for cartridges, from which Ninny for China did not want to give up. Kutaragi took the whole project very seriously, as can be seen from one of his reports: „we are Working on the PlayStaion. We are going to create a system addressed to high school and high school students (…) We plan to sell 3 million pieces in the first year.

The means to achieve this goal is Super Famicom.”Norio Ohga, then President of Sony, but was aware that Kutaragi is a cocky type, which in addition to being a genius, always without pity loudly expressed his opinion that in a Corporation like Sony, not everyone liked. „Wherever he appeared, someone always disagreed with him, and Kutaragi would not be himself if such a person did not criticize,” explains Ohga. So what did the concerned President do? He decided to move Ken with his team of ten… Sony Music. These strange, seemingly strong, became known in the later period of the miser, but before that still come. „I asked to vacate the premises of the former office of Epic Sony in Aoyama and created an environment in which the team could work on the project. One of the roads leading to PlayStation’s success is to exclude Kutaragiego’s genius from Sony’s team,” Ohga adds.

This transfer to Sony Music allowed Ken to make friends with Shigeo Murayamą, who greatly contributed to the implementation of the PlayStation project on many levels. For a while it became so cute and nice, but the idyll didn’t last long. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former President of Nintendo, after a long study of the signed contracts, came to the conclusion that someone wants to write it after all frankly, to make a horse. The contract guaranteed Sony not only profits from the brands of games released on CD (Nintendo was earning on kartridżach), but also the rights applied in the device technology.

How to Fix Diablo 2 Lags in Windows 8, 10

Many of us remember how the hit was the second part of „imp”. In the production of Blizzard at the time played millions, as in addition to the „Lord of destruction”. And to this day servers on this is quite a lot, unfortunately, I regret to say that the impression on them from all sorts of spambots that effectively spoil the game. However, if you are not online, you can always crop yourself into an album and remember the good old days.

Is there anything you can do about it?

Many players believe that Diablo III does not deserve the title of „Diablo” because of the far greatly simplified. that often spoil the fun of hardkorom. Sophisticated styling strategy distribution of attribute points of a character, like skills, for some the main feature of this release is Diablo III was simplified to the limit, and she took pleasure from the combination of „how to be here to highlight the point”.

So we tend to play the good old classics sometimes. We have a new computer with a multi-core processor, a modern graphics card, gigabytes of RAM, Windows 8 or 8.1, and what? And critically because Diablo II „cuts” worse than Crysis 3 „wymaksowany” to the limit.

Is there anything you can do about it?In the beginning I will add that the problem described above is most often applied to Windows 8 and 8.1, hence the name, and not the other. Came across, however, voices claiming that allegedly on Windows 7 similar problems took place, but they appear less often, than on Windows 8. If in Windows 7 it is most often simple to install a new patch, run the game as an administrator, or install compatibility with Windows XP, then these tricks do not pass the exam at all and you need to look for other solutions. However, if all this did not work out, you can try the method on the „seven”, which I describe below. Not would prevent, and can help.

I want to note that the default game set the resolution to 800×600 and my tutorial does not change in any way. It only allows for proper game operation on Windows 8/8.1, not enhance, but resolution. There are some mods / hacks that give access to higher chapters, however, since higher resolution = more you see on the screen, there is a risk that while playing on we’ll get a ban, and it’s better to avoid it. My tutorial does not interfere directly with the game files, and I have not heard of anyone getting banned using this method. I checked it myself it’s okay.

First of all…

First of all...Effective methods of solving this problem, which I know, there are two. The first of them is to start the game in windowed mode, that is, for a shortcut on the desktop, you need to add „-in”in the command line. This will launch the game in a window, but still at 800×600 resolution (i.e. this window will have that resolution). Playing this way on a Full HD monitor can be relatively awkward (the window is relatively small), so I don’t necessarily support it if you don’t mind.

The second method – while it can be called clou this record-a little more complicated, but for that you can play full screen without lag and jamming.

First of all you need to buy in Diablo II (with possible additions) in the latest version, ie 1.13. If we have some old boxed version like 1.00, there is a risk that it did not run at all, or will need to be strongly nakombinować. So if we have an older version, I suggest creating an account on and there activate our game out of the box, that is, just take it to your account/enter the key. Then we will be able to download from the servers the game’s version is probably 1.12, right away, given the later operating systems.

However, the problem on Windows 8 is still there, but at least you can have this version run without problems. And this is the version that this tutorial focuses on, because it is the least problematic. After installation, we will make sure that we have an Internet connection and run the game. Press the main menu button „” and wait for the game to update to the latest possible version. Then we can create a new game, single/multi and check „how it works”. There is a chance that there will be no need for any changes, as the game can work without problems „arrow”. If on nvidia and AMD cards problems are quite common, the situation with Intel graphics cards, it is not completely clear to me, perhaps you can play them without any complications.

To give the game some fluency, we need to apply a trick that will make us run the game using something like the 3Dfx glide emulator. Probably „dinosaurs” of this portal know what it is 3dfx (already tear in an eye to give;)), and youth, I mean Wiki. Occurs here, „recovery” of 3dfx technology by OpenGL. So, things.

Put on page: and download the latest version of Glide Wrapper. Today it is 1.4 e. Direct link to the file here. We unpack somewhere our archive (using the built-in archiver or something else-personally recommend free 7-zip), then in the extracted archive we find the file glide3x.dll ahhh! In the readme of the author just one file to copy or the root folder with the game, or, for C:\Windows\System. Personally I would advise to copy it in both in / in folders and additionally even before C:\Windows\System32 (this is a more natural place for NT series Windows to store these types of files.) Well, at least I did (for sure :P) and it works for me.

Well, fight

Well, fightThen go to the root folder with Diablo II and find the file D2VidTst.exe. Click on it with the right mouse button and select „Properties”. In the window that opens, select the „Compatibility” tab, and at the bottom click on the „Change settings for all users”button. Then the UAC prompt can pop up if we have the UAC set to the maximum level of protection (which I recommend doing because it can really save your ass from all the nastiness) that we confirm. Shows us these Windows:

Note ” Run the program in compatibility mode with: „and select” Windows XP (with p package) from the list…”and then we can speculate what Updates are going on, because nothing is impossible to verify (Bravo Microsoft! – the first time I see such a babola in the system of this company), but the main thing that works: P Confirm everything, we close.

We right-click on the file again and choose „run as administrator”. For a moment, the monitor will flash, you will see several times the desktop in alarmingly low resolution, but without fear-this is normal. After some time, everything will return to normal and a window with a choice of graphics mode will appear. It is in this window that you must select the 3Dfx Glide mode and confirm.

That’s all she wrote. Since then, the game should run at 60fps non-stop, without any slowdowns. It may happen that in the graphics settings in the game panel „Gamma” will be set to the maximum right. Then just make the corrections manually. The default settings look like this. If we found that, despite our efforts, Diablo II behaves strangely, such as freezes or POPs into the system, there is a possibility that the game „does not like” our multi-core processor. Then I suggest applying the applet I described some time ago here.

If you would like to delete, sometime Glide Wrapper, after unpacking the folder with it, we find and run the glide-init file.exe, then select the option „std / export” and click „+remove registry-entries”. Then delete the file glide3x.dll of the locations in which it is already available, and which were described above. Run the D2VidTst program again.exe in admin mode, still with in/in settings and this time choose a different graphics mode.

Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Progressing Well

Designer Tetsuya Nomura from Square Enix tried to reassure fans, assuring that, despite the lack of Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3, the game is in production. The game is still in production, but quite a lot more in it wait.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake news – what’s the latest?

In this year’s edition of E3 was full of interesting shows and surprises. However, there were no disappointments. One of the main was the absence of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake, that is, a new version of the classic jRPG. This, combined with the silence that has reigned around this project for a long time, is causing concern among fans. Their fears decided to dispel the designer Tetsuya Nomura from the company Square Enix. In a comment for the Verge website, he assured that the work on the title continues.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake news – what’s the latest?Moreover, he stressed that the game has long gone beyond the conceptual phase and currently takes the real production of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is important information because a year ago changed the Builder. It is worth noting that Nomura next to this project is also engaged in Kingdom Hearts III and both names appear in parallel. Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2015-trailer the First film of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake shown at E3 2015.

It is hardly surprising the impatience of fans, because the Final Fantasy VII Remake waiting for three years. Production was announced during E3 2015. A year later, we learned that the project will be divided into several games, and in 2017 we received only two Marne screenshots. It is quite natural, therefore, that some players began to suspect that something might be wrong. Kingdom Hearts III will be released next January.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date – When is it coming out?

We hope that after the completion of this game, work on Final Fantasy VII Remake will gain momentum. The last thing the fans want is a repeat of the Final Fantasy XV situation. This project was announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In subsequent years, production has undergone a significant metamorphosis, jumped to a new generation of consoles and changed the name. All this made the sale ten years after the disclosure. We expect that in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake the development cycle will not be so lumpy.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date – When is it coming out?Created a few years, the game Final Fantasy VII Remake replaced the developer. So far, the participating Studio is mainly CyberConnect2, but Square Enix has decided to take matters into their own hands. A remake of the cult jRPG game since 1997; independent developers have been working on it so far, including mostly CyberConnect2; Square Enix has taken over production nowTetsuya Nomura provides a brief update on development – the company Square Enix has taken up the work on wyczekiwaną game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Until now, when the announcement in 2015 production mocked Studio CyberConnect2, which you probably associated with a series of fights Naruto. Naoki Hamaguchi, who oversaw the deweloping Mobius Final Fantasy, reported, however, that he took over the reins in the case of the remake of the seven, over which the internal Studio Square Enix is working. It is explained that in this way the company wants to control all aspects of production to ensure its high enough quality.

Hard to say what CyberConnect2 has not coped with the task, or this was just the contract and the task was to create the Foundation on which now, Square Enix will put the following elements of the puzzle. However, whatever the expectations for this title are huge, fans have been demanding it for years, so it’s no surprise that the Japanese developer doesn’t want to let it down.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay – Has it changed?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay – Has it changed?Game Final Fantasy VII Remake entered a new stage of production. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this change will affect the release date. The publisher has not yet betrayed a specific date, although he says that the project is expected to debut this year. It’s not really a „project”, but its first episode, as the title will be split into several episodes due to its huge size. While Square Enix’s constant silence suggests that Final Fantasy VII Remake wait longer than we anticipated, this take matters into its own hands, could ultimately speed up production.

Although we still don’t have much information on Final Fantasy VII Remake, the trailer leaked at the Square Enix conference, as part of the PlayStation Experience event seems to indicate that the updated seven probably won’t be any worse off than the iconic original. A little less delight fans of the latest news given in the press release. As Square Enix reported, the FFVII remake will be released in several episodes, and each one has to offer „its own unique experience.”

No details are specified (for example, the number of episodes), as well as to justify such a decision, which, on the one hand, can be annoying, but on the other, may lead to the fact that the world of the seven and her characters, we will return a little earlier than it would be in the case of a question entirely in one breath.

Top sony vr games

Virtual reality glasses from Sony appeared under the roofs of many houses. Buy PS VR is now still attractive, as top sony vr games kits are regularly treated very attractive price reduction. Of all the currently available VR glasses, this is just designed for the PlayStation 4 console may be the best choice, especially when we already have the console itself. PlayStation VR glasses for they are the cheapest and easiest to prepare, for the first run that turns out to be the words in the case when we want as the fastest way to enjoy virtual reality.

Since the launch of PlayStation VR has been a long time, and the top sony vr games catalog of available production is constantly growing, now offering many excellent books of different genres. Among the available games on PS VR, however, low quality products, so the purchase is always worth a good think. In the table below, we offer games that support Sony glasses, which are definitely worth the interest.

Top 5 playstation vr games

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission – at this point, it’s basically the first game after which you should apply if you decide to buy PlayStation VR glasses. More importantly, even when you’re not fans of platformers, you’ll just fall in love with it. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, for it is a great example of how important is the idea of using virtual reality technology. Playing top 5 playstation vr games with cute robots in the title role perfectly uses the potential of PS VR glasses-both for the device itself, but also for the DualShock 4 controller.

No picture or record will give you the full pleasure to rescue the robots and help find the parts of their destroyed spaceship. It does not matter how old you are and what you like games – these are top 5 playstation vr games that everyone should play. This is not only the most successful platformer on PS VR, but probably also the best game on this platform.

Top 5 playstation vr gamesFirewall Zero Hour – if, despite everything-not on the way you with sony vr games 2017 and you like when the game increases the heart rate and make your hands sweat in a few seconds, and the adrenaline does not allow you to blink your eyes, be sure to get a Firewall Zero Hour. This is a tactical shooter set up on a network gameplay in which on small but well-designed maps, clash, two 4-seater teams. Each round is time limited, which makes players dynamic gameplay, and each time leads to a quick shootout.

The game supports DualShock 4, but the real fun begins only when we use The PlayStation VR Aim controller. It’s a plastic weapon simulation that makes it fun, the Firewall Zero Hour is even more real. The impression of communicating with a real gun-it’s just brilliant. The only pity is that sony vr games 2017 production does not provide a decent mode for one player.

Best ps4 vr games 2017

The Effect Of Tetris – although it is known that the forefather of video games is considered Pong, Yes, probably the first, globally popular game, of course, Tetris. Interestingly, the various varieties of Tetris on any possible platform sold in the world about half a billion pieces. Just speculation and addictive gameplay are back in incredible form, in the form of Tetris Effect.

Best ps4 vr games 2017The announcement of the game and the support of PlayStation VR glasses has caused a lot of controversy among best ps4 vr games 2017 players. What is the point of placing such a simple production in the world of virtual reality? Put on your glasses and check for yourself-the Tetris effect is an amazing, audiovisual balancing experience on the verge of psychedelic and trance. The sound effects, music, backgrounds and animations of the disappearing blocks themselves are impressive.

The gameplay itself does not detect the best ps4 vr games 2017 wheel again. The assumptions are simple and known to most players around the world. There are some modifiers of puzzle pieces, but they are rare and do not dominate during the game. It’s hard to describe how insane and unique the experience is, meeting Tetris Effect. Be sure to check it yourself.

Horror movie fans probably already have Resident Evil 7 behind them. Changing the formula of the series and moving 2017 psvr games to a first-person view was a bold step, but certainly a success. Experience in the game were really powerful, and the game did not allow to forget about itself for a long time. The first-person gameplay and production success also created a full-fledged version of the game available for PS VR. The production has been optimized really solid that the game looks great considering the limitations of the hardware glasses from Sony.

It is, however, a name for players with strong nerves. Even the first pass of the game-even in the „classic” way – will not make you fear less. For the undefined there is also a demo version called Kitchen, free download from the PS Store. It is worth checking out 2017 psvr games before you buy the full version of the game!

2017 psvr games

Fairpoint is a unique offer-the game is often sold with the top psvr games 2017 Aim controller. The device resembles a rifle, on the front of which is a glowing ball, transmitting data relating to the current position of our plastic weapons. What’s more, the Aim controller comes in all the buttons we know from the DualShock 4 controller. The game itself is in Fairpoint using the controller to Aim will appeal mostly to fans of shooting from the first person.

Reproduce the feeling of the game is really realistic, and for a long time remain in memory. However, the game itself can be a bit easier, so we recommend it mainly to advanced players. On the PS Store there are more and more titles that use the potential of the Aim controller. When the kit will do the signs earlier, the Firewall Zero Hour, buying this plastic weapons is a really good idea.

2017 psvr gamesIt’s time for the next game presented in the first person, although this time it will not be shooting. Fans of virtual racing, which in your library already has Gran Turismo Sport, and bought only PS VR glasses, should be satisfied-the game does not require the purchase of a separate version only for points.

We do not, however, get the opportunity to conduct full-fledged races. The main limitation of Gran Turismo Sport in the VR version is the fact that we can only race against one opponent. Manufacturers had to cut the contents of the game so as to obtain the necessary fluidity for the points. It is a pity that due to the number of cars during the race.

The game is worth reading as it provides a much better frame than other races on PS VR, Driveclub. At first fun, however, can be associated with subtle dizziness, which, however, after two or three races are irretrievably. You can play top psvr games 2017, of course, with the help of rain, but the best experience guarantees any steering wheel.

How many hours a week do you have to play to be called a player?

What are the consequences of playing computer games? Answers in the broadcast, which was prepared and led by Krzysztof Michalski. Computer games may also adversely affect the recipient. Many researchers and scientists pay attention to this, among others A. Gała, M. Braun – Gałkowska, I. Ulfik-Jaworska.

They write about the destructive impact of computer games on the psyche of children. Computer games are a dynamic source of entertainment and fun, as well as help in shaping the human personality. However, if certain norms are not observed, the use of games, as well as the consumption of alcohol or drugs, may lead to dependence on them.

They write about the destructive impact of computer games on the psyche of children

The way of presenting violence in games causes that the user gains a conviction about the universality of aggression in the world, accepts it, as a matter of course, as an element of interpersonal relations. The factor that influences children’s accusation of violence is that violence in games is not only punished.

If the games absorb their participants, then slowly get used to the sight of blood and violence, and the player ceases to distinguish between good and evil. The basic difference between aggression and violence presented on television and in computer games is as follows: a person (in this case a child) when watching bloody scenes on television is only the recipient of a given scene, while in computer games he is actively involved in the presented scenes.

They write about the destructive impact of computer games on the psyche of children

Many parents do not know exactly what their children are playing and what it is about, they are somewhat unaware of where the child’s play ends and where violence begins. The popularity of computer video games The leading producer of computer video games Nintendo sold on average three games per second for a period of 12 years from 1983 to 1995, which gives a total of one billion games sold.

In the US, over 40% of households have a Nintendo video game, one of 2,000 different games. Interestingly, Americans spend more money per year on computer games than on cinema tickets. The popularity of computer games containing violenceProvenzo (after: K.E.Dill, J.C.Dill, 1998) examined the most popular games and stated that 40 out of 47 games are inherently saturated with violence.

Funk, when making a survey among young people, noted that 50% of them scored a game containing violence to their favorites

Braun and Giroux examined 21 of the most popular video games, 71% turned out to be violent games. Funk, when making a survey among young people, noted that 50% of them scored a game containing violence to their favorites. Buchman Funk has classified the favorite games of 900 children attending 4 to 8 years of elementary school, distinguishing the following categories of games: general relaxation games, educational games, fantasy games containing violence, interpersonal violence games, non-violent sports games, violent sports games.

Funk, when making a survey among young people, noted that 50% of them scored a game containing violence to their favorites

They found that fantasy games containing violence and games containing interpersonal violence accounted for 50% of students’ favorite games, girls preferred fantasy games containing violence, and boys games that referred to interpersonal violence. Sports games containing violence accounted for 16% to 20% of favorite games for boys, and for girls it was 6% to 15%.

Addiction of video games Clinicians have observed that many children, adolescents and even adults are becoming compulsive computer players. Some children left lessons and spent their money on dinner or steal, or begged money to satisfy their „hunger for video games”. Egli and Meyers (for K.E.Dill, J.C.Dill, 1998) found that 13% of teenagers in their studies revealed compulsive behavior towards computer video games and devoted other attractive activities, money and time to the game and full participation in it.

Mechanisms explaining the essence of the impact of transmitted content containing violence in the media are similar regardless of whether the content in question is shown on the TV screen or a computer video game monitor.

In addition, violence in computer video games is often portrayed as „something justified”

These are mechanisms such as: activating and creating aggressive thinking connections, weakening inhibitions in relation to anti-social behavior, modeling, strengthening, lowering the level of empathy for others and creating a more aggressive image of the world.

In addition, violence in computer video games is often portrayed as "something justified"

Activating and creating aggressive associations According to the creator of the theory referred to (L. Berkowitz), when people are still recipients of aggressive content, they create in their mind more precise and related aggressive associations. Receiving aggression can arouse the feelings associated with it and can convey to the mind the knowledge of aggression-related skills, memories or views.

For example, when someone plays a brutal computer game, this fact activates both aggressive cognitive patterns and related feelings that increase the likelihood of aggressive reactions. Continuous viewing of violence on the screen of computer video games should theoretically create a similar increase in aggressive behavior, because we take into account the same conceptualization variables.

In addition, violence in computer video games is often portrayed as „something justified”. Based on a review of literature on violence in the media, it can be clearly demonstrated that violence taking place due to the motivational motive causes more aggression than violence that occurs due to the unjustified motive. Such an increase in aggressive behavior due to watching „justifiable aggression” may occur because inhibitions in aggressive behavior are weakened when aggression is perceived as something justified.


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